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1. Name: Kathryn
2. Sex: Female
3. Birthday: 6-21-89
4. Race: AlL aMeRiCaN gUrL..haha no no female
5. Date: august 3
6. Time: 7:45
7. Age: 15
8. Location: In my moms room

1. Bands[10 min.]:
Jack Off jill
Pink floyd
My ruin
Death cab for cutie
Bright eyes
Blink 182
2. Movies:
American beauty
3. Songs[5]:
Hyperballad, Rich, Y Control by Yeahyeahyeahs
Losing his touch, JOJ
Blink 182- violence
4. Tv Shows:
Family guy, futrama, golden girls, designing woman, south park
5. Interest:
Kenny, and I do like music and I have a seceret crush on ellen!! Shhh whahaha
6. Food/Drink:
Dr.pepper, Mashed potatoes
7. Color(s): Green
8. Store(s): Ross dress for less, TJ max, BAM

1. Do you play any imstruments? If yes, which ones and how long? If no, are there any you would like to play? Also, if you have a picture of it, put it on the pictures question. If not, that ok :]: THE TRIANGLE!
2. Who do you look up to? Why?: My dog. Because he is nice to everyone. Expect black people.
3. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yap
4. What do people label you as?: bitch? I don’t know.
5. What computer programs are you into?: AIM! haha
6. What is your IM?: FairLadyDrowned
7. What do you do in your spare time?: Does Kenny count? :P

*What is your stand on...
1. Self Injury: I used to do it. Not proud. But it helped me.
2. Suicide: anything to prevent it
3. Abortions: thank fuckin god for them. I hate kids.
4. Gay Rights: love is love
5. Bush: he can kiss my atheist ass.

I've got one good one and I'm ugly. Sorry
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