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"I Want To Make You Giggle"

The Application


1. Name: Agneta

2. Sex: female

3. Birthday: 14-06

4. Race: Dutch white girl

5. Date: 14-10-2004

6. Time: 21.30 The netherlands time :)

7. Age: 19

8. Location: The Netherlands


1. Bands[10 min.]: Marilyn Manson, something coporate, jewel, sonata arctica, HIM, Nirvana, Roxette, Goldfrapp, matellica, enya

2. Movies: Legends of the fall, a walk to remember, lord of the rings, training day..

3. Songs[5]:
goldfrapp - Utopia
HIM - I love you
Roxette - How do you do
something coporate - konstantine
sonata arctica - shy

4. Tv Shows: The nanny

5. Interest: people, music, pictures, black and pink, dreads, love...

6. Food/Drink: lasagne/water

7. Color(s): black and pink..

8. Store(s): expo..


1. Do you play any imstruments? If yes, which ones and how long? If no, are there any you would like to play? Also, if you have a picture of it, put it on the pictures question. If not, that ok :]: I always wanted to play this one.. ( sorry don't know the name in english..)

2. Who do you look up to? Why?: people who are strong for them selves and really know what they want!

3. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yes a boyfriend.. almost two years :)

4. What do people label you as?: They can't.. because I'm so different every time again.

5. What computer programs are you into?: to many... but I want to learn more about photoshop..

6. What is your IM?: Darkkiss

7. What do you do in your spare time?: sporting, being with my friends.. have fun with my boyfriend

*What is your stand on...

1. Self Injury: It's so hard when people do this, I worked in Germany with young people and there was a boy who did this.. and I really wanted toe help him, but I really understand why he did it.. strange but that way I was able to help him.

2. Suicide: sorry this subject is to hard for me right now to answer..

3. Abortions: I would not do it, but I can understand why people will.. I think it is a good thing it's there, but don't forget you made the mistake to do it not safe... if you are raped, than it is a whole differunt thing!!

4. Gay Rights: Super, two of my friends are gay, and I think they disurve a change to get marry just like I can :)

5. Bush: no commants on that one, because its hard to make an opinion from out the Netherlands.

*PICTURES* (4 min.)

here they are..

The links:

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