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1. Name: Joshumz

2. Sex: Sure, when?

3. Birthday: April 28th

4. Race: Nigger

5. Date: No idea.

6. Time: 6:00

7. Age: 14

8. Location: Florence, SC


1. Bands[10 min.]: Funeral For a Friend, My Chemical Romance, Dashboard Confessional, AFI, HIM, The Used, Bright Eyes, Coheed and Cambria, From Autumn To Ashes, Sex Pistols, Breaking Benjamin, Catch 22, Blink 182, Lostprophets, Apex Theory

2. Movies: SLC Punk, Hart's War, Road To Perdition, The porno me and Jake made, crudely.

3. Songs[5]: Ghost of a Good Thing, So Impossible, Hands Down, A Plain Morning, Rapid Hope Loss, Vindicated, This Bitter Pill

4. Tv Shows: The Assistant, Aqua Teen Hungerforce, Futurama, Family Guy

5. Interest: My dick, Ellen, Ellen and my dick.

6. Food/Drink: Mountain Dew Livewire, and like, any kind of chips.

7. Color(s): Red, Black, Pink, Baby blue.

8. Store(s): Claire's, Hot Topic


1. Do you play any imstruments? If yes, which ones and how long? If no, are there any you would like to play? Also, if you have a picture of it, put it on the pictures question. If not, that ok :]:
Yes, Guitar, 3 years

2. Who do you look up to? Why?: No one

3. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Ellenzilla

4. What do people label you as?: Goth, Freak, Punk, Loser, Nothing good.

5. What computer programs are you into?: Photoshop, Animation Shop

6. What is your IM?: chronomikron

7. What do you do in your spare time?: Wank, call people

*What is your stand on...

1. Self Injury: NO CHIP, DON'T DO IT!

2. Suicide: Bad bad

3. Abortions: Up to tha motha

4. Gay Rights: SURE


*PICTURES* (4 min.)

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