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1. all applications MUST be under a LJ-Cut. If not, then you will automatically be rejected.

2. You cannot post until approved.

3. Do not criticise the other members.

4. The point of this community is anything you want it to be :] You may put whatever you feel like putting in here, just as long as it is appropriate.

5. You must advertise to 2 people or a community and post a link.

6. You must have at least four pictures of you and only you. (You may post 2 pictures maximum of you with other people)

7. To prove that you have read these rules, the subject of your entry must be "I Want To Make You Giggle"

The Application


1. Name:

2. Sex:

3. Birthday:

4. Race:

5. Date:

6. Time:

7. Age:

8. Location:


1. Bands[10 min.]:

2. Movies:

3. Songs[5]:

4. Tv Shows:

5. Interest:

6. Food/Drink:

7. Color(s):

8. Store(s):


1. Do you play any imstruments? If yes, which ones and how long? If no, are there any you would like to play? Also, if you have a picture of it, put it on the pictures question. If not, that ok :]:

2. Who do you look up to? Why?:

3. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:

4. What do people label you as?:

5. What computer programs are you into?:

6. What is your IM?:

7. What do you do in your spare time?:

*What is your stand on...

1. Self Injury:

2. Suicide:

3. Abortions:

4. Gay Rights:

5. Bush:

*PICTURES* (4 min.)

This is Ellen. I'm in Charge.

This is Beth. She is Also in Charge.