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1. Name:
2. Sex: Female
3. Birthday: March 12
4. Race: All American white girl!
5. Date: 08.03.04
6. Time: 11:54pm
7. Age: 14
8. Location: Flo*City, SC

1. Bands[10 min.]: Lp, Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Trapt, Avril Lavigne, Staind, Eminem, Coldplay, Breaking Benjamin
2. Movies: Top Gun & The Notebook
3. Songs[5]: "Come on Over to My Place"-Nelly
"November Rain:-Guns N Roses
"All Apologies"-Nirvana
"She Will Be Loved"-Maroon 5
"How About You"-Staind
4. Tv Shows: One Tree Hill
5. Interest: Talking to you great people =) and listening to my great music
6. Food/Drink: Chicken/water
7. Color(s): Pink
8. Store(s): AE & Express

1. Do you play any imstruments? If yes, which ones and how long? If no, are there any you would like to play? Also, if you have a picture of it, put it on the pictures question. If not, that ok :]: I used to play the Clarinet, from 6th grade to half of 7th grade
2. Who do you look up to? Why?: I really don't look up to one person, I look up to people's qualities and struggles
3. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope
4. What do people label you as?: Marilyn, no style..preppy one day, laid back the next
5. What computer programs are you into?: Live Journal
6. What is your IM?: AIM-SFHSSweetie0408
7. What do you do in your spare time?: Talk to people on IM/phone, movies, mall, etc.

*What is your stand on...
1. Self Injury: Never tried it and don't think it's a good way to relieve stress or anything
2. Suicide: I've thought about what it would be like to commit suicide but decided "nah, i couldn't do that to the people who actually do love me"
3. Abortions: Pro-Choice
4. Gay Rights: I actually don't care..let em get married, they are human beings ya know
5. Bush: Don't get me started...

*PICTURES* (4 min.)
Gah yall have seen me before, must i post these hideous things? =(


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